IENSIGHT is an innovative platform which provides targeted knowledge and learning plans to ensure that all involved in clinical trials are able to understand and execute their roles to ultimately bring added value to patients, and ensure the necessary level of understanding and focus.

IENSIGHT has been designed with ease of use in mind, making it suitable for everyone from specialists to patients alike. Each stakeholder will be offered a variety of chapters and modules tailored to meet their needs. It takes each stakeholder on a journey through the clinical trials pathway, taking cultural differences into account whilst encouraging an inclusive behaviour. At the end of each module, each learner will have acquired more knowledge, key learnings and important information to enable greater understanding and input to their own role in research, and potential advancement in their chosen area.


Chief Technology Officer

Emily Moore

With over 25 years’ experience in Biometrics, Clinical Data Management and Technology innovation and strategy, Emily Moore has held Global Executive level roles in Pharmaceutical companies and Clinical Research Organisations. Emily has led the operationalisation of industry-leading EDC and eCOA technologies and has a track record of leading award-winning teams globally. Emily brings a wealth of experience in strategic leadership, technological innovation, change management, standardization, quality and training with a proven track record of driving efficiencies and growth.

Chief Operating Officer

Dr Tina Barton

Dr. Tina Barton, Chief Operating Officer of eMQT, is a drug development specialist with over 40 years’ experience, working in partnership to lead for success as a customer-focused senior leader. During this time Dr. Barton has invested in training for the future – through team leadership, individual mentoring and training thereby sharing knowledge and developing professionals. Through her role at the Institute of Clinical Research she continues to support and lead training activities. With a passion for transformation, Dr. Barton drove the embracement of Central Eastern European countries and now is focused on the inclusion of Sub-Saharan Africa into clinical development – bringing the miracle of development of new medicines to emerging markets and new patients. Dr. Barton holds a BSc, PhD and MBA alongside over 50 academic publications and is an Honorary Fellow, and Board Member of the Institute of Clinical Research.

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Shalom Lloyd

With a BSc and MSc Pharm from the Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy and an MBA from the University of Liverpool, Shalom has over 24 years experience in the Pharmaceutical and CRO Industry. Making a difference to the lives of patients in emerging markets (particularly Africa) by championing the provision of targeted training, and innovative medicines aimed at the needs of these markets is a true passion. She works with teams across all levels to develop strategies and operating models. With the belief that ‘There is Science and Technology in everything we do’, She is an award-winning STEM Ambassador and trainer focused on strategy, leadership and connecting with the right people to the right opportunities, doing this by continuously challenging the status quo, with integrity, passion, and fairness.